nu:nord is an international community of emerging new-music creators from Canada, Norway and the UK.

Year-round activities revolve around our annual Northern New Music Encounter — a collaborative workshop hosted each year by members from one of our participating countries. These sessions offer a meeting place for composers & performers to share perspectives, collaborate, and create & perform new musical work.

Through peer evaluation, positive criticism, and a stylistically non-discriminatory environment, we aspire to build a supportive core that we hope will strengthen and nourish the international contemporary music community.


 Participant workshops in Oslo, 2013

What we do

Our summer Northern New Music Encounter presents collaborative events which include:

• performances of participants’ work
• participant-run workshops and discussion groups
• opportunities to collaborate across both sides of the musical score

We offer members a framework to make opportunities for themselves.
We’re looking for participants who are:

• eager to meet other artists coming from different backgrounds and bringing different perspectives
• interested in community involvement
• open to collaboration with performers and composers
• ready to have their ideas challenged, and to challenge the ideas of others, with the mutual goal of enriching their craft

What is community building?

Community building for nu:nord is about respecting the stylistic diversity of individual practice, while fostering social responsibility. We aspire to foster a climate of mutual respect among emerging new-music creators, and encourage our participants to share this attitude throughout the wider music community.

Together OutsideAn afternoon outdoor workshop in Montréal, 2012

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