nu:nord is a project-based music & performing art network that engages new-music creators from Canada, Norway and the UK.

We offer creative residencies for artistic collaboration, and produce concerts and colloquia through which our participants can present their work internationally. Our initiatives are hosted in turns by each of our three participating countries.

Our main programme of 2016 activities will be held in the UK.


 Participant workshops in Oslo, 2013

What we do

⇢  provide a platform for our artists to share their work internationally
⇢  commission new works
⇢  present tours & concerts featuring our resident artists’ work & performance
⇢  produce participant-run workshops and discussion groups
⇢  offer members a framework through which to build opportunities for themselves


Mira Benjamin

Mira Benjamin • co-Director, UK & Canada

Mira is a Canadian violinist, researcher and new-music instigator. She performs new and experimental music, specialising in microtonal repertoire and tuning practices. She actively commissions music from composers at all stages of their careers, and develops each new work through multiple performances. Originally from Vancouver, Mira lived for ten years in Montréal, before moving to London in 2014. Through nu:nord’s various initiatives, Mira hopes to offer a foundation from which Canadian artists can reach out to artistic communities overseas, and provide a conduit through which UK & Norwegian artists can access Canada’s rich art culture.


IMG_2190Stine Sørlie • co-Director, Norway

Stine is a Norwegian composer who has studied at Gotland Tonsättarskola in Sweden and the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. Her works have been performed widely both at home and abroad, and include solo, chamber and orchestral pieces, and music for film, theatre and dance.  She is interested in creating compositional formats that include different variables which engage the musicians in an active manner, offering them options and flexibility when interpreting the music. Her works have been performed at festivals such as the Stockholm Chamber Music Festival, Ilios Festival, NuMusic, Borealis and Ultima.

Get involved

We engage artists on a project-by-project basis, and do not employ a formal application process. We welcome proposals of any size and scope from artists residing in our participating countries.

✷ We’re looking for participants who are:

⇢  eager to collaborate with artists from different backgrounds & perspectives
⇢  enthusiastic about community building
⇢  ready to have their ideas challenged, and to challenge the ideas of others, with the mutual goal of enriching their craft

Interested in getting involved? Contact us!

What is community building?

Community building for nu:nord is about respecting the stylistic diversity of individual practice, while fostering social responsibility. We aspire to foster a climate of mutual respect among emerging new-music creators, and encourage our participants to share this attitude throughout the wider music community.

Together OutsideAn afternoon outdoor workshop in Montréal, 2012

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