nyMusikks Komponistgruppe: Tapestry

A recent collaboration between our partners at nyMusikks Komponistgruppe (NMK) and the Norwegian Telemark Chamber Orchestra has been released on a new disc: Tapestry (Fabra, 2016). The album presents works by seven up-and-coming Norwegian composers, many […]

Feb, 28

Sounds: Summer 2014

Hear some highlights from our 2014 edition! Hiroki Tsurumoto: Cursor 3 Performed by: Silje Aker Johnsen (voice), Mira Benjamin (violin), and Tre Voci Cello Ensemble: Colin Alexander, Torun Saeter Stavseng & Gregor Riddell (celli) This performance took place […]

Nov, 30

Site Specific in Oslo

22 May 2014. Today is the opening of nyMusikk’s annual Only Connect festival, and nu:nord co-directors Stine Sørlie and Mira Benjamin are in Oslo to attend the festival. Only Connect is curated by Anne Hilde Neset, and this year’s edition highlights the city, […]

May, 23

Documentation // Cassandra Miller: for mira

by Mira Benjamin • • • Cassandra Miller’s solo violin piece, For Mira, was composed for me in 2012. The first performance was given in Montréal at nu:nord‘s 2nd edition. The piece is based on a sound […]

Oct, 18

Documentation // Duet: Multivariants

by Luke Nickel • • • Two very different realisations 1. Played by the Harrington/Loewen saxophone/piano duo from Winnipeg, Canada, as a part of Groundswell Pressurewaves 2013.   2. Played by Mira Benjamin (violin) and Isaiah Ceccarelli (percussion) in Montréal, Canada.   […]

Sep, 21

Sounds from Oslo 2013

• • • During our week of preliminary workshop sessions in Oslo last month, nu:nord presented two concerts by our performers, playing music from Canada, Norway, and England. The concerts were presented in co-operation with our partners […]

Sep, 16

Norwegian Score-Art: Kristin Bolstad & Stine Sørlie

by Mira Benjamin  • • • Norwegian composers Stine Sørlie and Kristin Bolstad have been members of the nu:nord community since its beginning. This season, along with five of their colleagues from Ny Musikks Komponistgruppe, they composed […]

May, 18


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