Photo Journal: Oslo Workshop Day 7

Our last day in Oslo saw a wonderful concert at Sound of MU. Our performers — Silje Aker Johnsen, Torun Saeter Stavseng, Gregor Riddell, Colin Alexander, and Mira Benjamin — presented music by Johannes Ockeghem, William Byrd, Kristin Bolstad, Therese […]

Aug, 13

Photo Journal: Oslo Workshop Days 5 & 6

A focused trio with John; a slightly silly duo with David; violinist-puppeteering with Tyler; a lovely BBQ evening and the dulcet tones of Kraftwerk (!) wafting over Oslo… (we got a semi-private concert from Kristin‘s […]

Aug, 10

Photo Journal: Oslo Workshop Days 3 & 4

A little rehearsal-spying from the attic; workshops with sound and movement; a silly group dinner; a fascinating presentation about voice and movement from Silje and a lively morning discussion about the meaning of ‘practice’ in […]

Aug, 09

Photo Journal: Oslo Workshop Days 1 & 2

Getting down to business in Oslo: busy days full of workshops with the cellos and excellent food and company at nyMusikk!    

Aug, 06

Making Music in Oslo

This August 2013 nu:nord will be back in Oslo to begin musical collaborations for our 3rd edition! Open time to create and collaborate From 5—12 August 2013, nu:nord performers will meet with composers from Norway and the […]

Jul, 30

Welcome to our new site!

You’ve landed on nu:nord‘s brand new blog – a new way for members of our community to share their news, work, ideas and dreams. Here you can read about our latest news, get to know our […]

Feb, 05


    nu,  ~e  /ny/   I. (FR) nom, adjectif 1. [pièce, arbre, fil électrique]  bare; unadorned 2. [personne, vice]  to be exposed mettre à ~ to expose mettre son coeur à ~ to open one’s heart […]

Feb, 05


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